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The following requirements must be submitted prior to admission:


·         Application form.

·         Tuition agreement.

·         Child information form.

·         Parental Statement on health of child (Required by stage in students’ file with the students’ counselor).

·         Certificate of immunization.

·         Previous educational records and transcripts for students enrolling in 2-10 .

·         Admission tests’ results.

Admission Requirements

 Payment in full of at least Semester one fees before the commencement of the semester.

Students from Other Accredited International Schools  


Students wishing to transfer from other accredited international schools   are required to show complete transcripts from all courses studied since the start of the grade level. If these transcripts are complete and show an acceptable Grade Point Average (GPA) the student may sit the admission tests.


In order for him/her to be accepted into the the program he/she should:

·       Present transcripts from his/her current school showing an acceptable GPA to date

·       Achieve appropriately in the admission tests

·       Be interviewed by the stage Principal and  the Head of Academic Department


If the Principal and HOAD are confident that the student has fulfilled the above creteria and has a high chance of success in School   , the student may be accepted providing there is a vacancy and the courses available will meet that particular student’s needs.

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