Student Placement Policy

It is important for the learning and welfare of students that students are placed in classes appropriate to their educational and social needs. It is equally important for the effective operation of the school that placement of students in classes results in minimal distraction.
The purpose of this policy is to ensure that a consistent approach is applied throughout the school on the placement of students.



 Senior administration including the Principal, Vice Principal, coordinator place students in classes according to their educational and social needs. Classes are organized to ensure that class sizes are balanced wherever possible.


  Placements are ultimately the responsibility of school administration and students may be transferred to other classrooms as and when the school deems the move to be in the best interests of the student.


 Parents will be notified of any such move.


  Outside of school administration parents are the only other people who can request the movement of a student within classes.


 Parents requesting a change in student placement must complete a request form indicating the reason for the change.


A committee within the school consisting of all or some of the following people; Principal, Vice Principal, coordinator, teacher, Counselor, will meet and make a binding decision. Parents will be notified in writing of the decision.



Students will be placed in appropriate classes through a process that is equitable and consistently applied across all sections of School. 

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