Reporting Procedures

Interim reports


Interim Reports will include:


·       Standardized International benchmark tests: Reading age

·       Behavior/Effort/Homework grade

·       Teacher Comment (except activities subjects)



Progress reports and End of Year Report


  • Achievement against curriculum standards

  • English Subjects:  Progress against Standards

  • Arabic Subjects: Progress against the skills included in the Ministry Curriculum

  • Behavior/Effort/Homework grade

  • Teacher Comment



Ministry of Education Reporting Requirements


At the end of the second semester a Ministry of Education Report will be completed to adhere to ministry regulations. This report will be kept in students files in the school.



Grades Examination Report Cards


End of Semester One and Semester Two Examination results will be printed on a one page Examination Report Card.





Every student has a Portfolio which illustrates the progress a student has made during the year. The Portfolio is an important document that the school uses to show parents:


·       The progress students make across the year

·       The assessment used to make judgments in the report

·       A consistency of standards in teaching across classrooms and schools

·       The range and creativity of classroom programs

·       Published/ and exceptional work by student

·       Checklists for completing standards (ladder list)


Portfolios will be sent home a minimum of four times per year 

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