Admission Guidelines

·       Parents initial enquiries should be directed to the AO for providing of the official forms and procedures.


·       The AO will coordinate tours, appointments and assessment dates with relevant Principals or Principals’ designate.


·       As the AO has a full record of enquiries and enrollments still under process, only he/ she may indicate a place or position on the waitlist to the prospective students.


·       Assessment teams will return the results of admissions assessments to the AO within 48 hours.


·       The Principal has the authority to approve or decline an application. All applications are conditional until authorized by the principal.


·       No place can be offered until such time as the AO is satisfied that sufficient documentation has been provided and the appropriate fees are paid.


·       From the initial enquiry phase, to the completion of the registration and admission phase (see admissions procedures) should take no longer than 4 weeks. The school reserves the right to withdraw any offers of placement.

The student will be accepted into the school if:

  • She/he passes the entrance exam.   


  • The student is within the appropriate age range for the grade to which she/he is applying, according to the international requirements.


  • There is space available in the grade to which she/he is applying.


Required Subject Proficiency


Admission to Pre-primary School

(Kindergarten) English and Arabic


Admission to Primary School

(Grades 1 through 5) English, Math, and Arabic



Admission to Middle School and High School

(Grades 6 through 10) English, Arabci, Math, and Science 

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