Assessment Policy

CISJ  believes the main purpose of assessment is to enable students to develop their full potential by knowing where they are in their learning and knowing what they have to do in order to continue to make good progress. The school also needs to be able to judge the standards that students are achieving compared to similar schools locally, nationally, and internationally, and whether we are meeting targets set in the school’s vision and mission. Therefore, all students are entitled to assessment which is used effectively in managing and supporting their learning in all subjects throughout their schooling. We believe assessment is an integral part in the process of planning and delivery of the curriculum.



· We believe that effective assessment is an essential part of quality teaching and learning.


· We believe that assessment of learning, and assessment for learning are fundamental Tools utilised by the school to raise attainment and accelerate progress.


· We believe that regular feedback given to children about their learning helps them to Understand how to be successful, to understand what they have achieved and to understand what they need to do to improve further.


· We believe assessment should be age appropriate and differentiated to meet the needs of students.


· We believe that assessment should reflect researched based international good practice and be benchmarked against curriculum standards.





· Teachers will carry out valid assessment of learning and assessment for learning as a part of their teaching and learning program.


· Teachers will ensure all assessments are marked/ corrected and will provide students with Corrective feedback.


· Students’ achievement will be reported to students continuously, and reported to families at regular intervals.


· Assessments at all levels will be age and developmentally appropriate, and will be differentiated to ensure students have the ability to demonstrate the extent of their learning.


· Assessment will undergo moderation and standardization processes to ensure the validity and reliability of judgments.


· Students will adhere to school policies for academic integrity and examination conditions.


· The  school will publish a calendar including assessment procedures, via multiple media types at the commencement of each academic year.

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