Admission policies and procedures have been established to make certain that students are appropriately placed at School. . Proper placement ensures that those students admitted benefit fully from the educational programmes of school and that they will have a higher probability of experiencing educational success.

Admission Procedure

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Exceptional Registration/Acceptance

If the student does not meet the admissions requirements of school, then the AO will raise the matter to the Head of Academic Department to determine whether an exceptional acceptance should be granted. 



20 for Kindergarten     

22 FOR GRADES 1 - 3 

25 for grades 4-10      


We endeavor to maintain Grades 1-3 at 22 where demand allows.

·       Enrollment of additional students is at the decision of the Principal.


·       During the summer vacation enrollments are accepted conditionally pending completion of the assessment phase and the final approval from the Head of Academic Department and then the prioncipal .


·         Students are not allowed in classes without showing a payment receipt  from the finance department.


·         Students accepted for the school program grades 1-10 must have the approval of the MOE before they are fully confirmed as enrolled in School.


·         The adminstration in each stage will collaborate with the AO in preparing the documents required for the MOE approval.


Waiting List


·         All new applicants will be reviewed in the order in which their registration was received, with priority given to brothers and sisters of students attending the CISJ school .


·         If there is no space available in the requested grade level, the candidate will be entered onto a waitlist.


·         Acceptance or non-acceptance of the applicant will be communicated by way of a phone call.


·         If a place is not offered any money paid for registration will be refunded.


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Criteria for Admission


Student acceptance is based on space availability and the following minimum criteria:


·         Age appropriate for the requested grade level.


·         Successful completion of the previous school year (Post Grade 1).


·         The school’s ability to meet the needs of the student.


·         Admission/ placement assessment results if required.


·         Previous school records (academic transcript, transfercertificate,recommendation letters standardized, assessment results as applicable.


·         Interview with the school Principal and  Head of the Academic Department.

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