Admission Policy

Admissions policies and procedures are in place to ensure that students are appropriately placed at School, whilst maintaining integrity, consistency and high standards. Proper placement ensures that those students admitted benefit fully from the educational school's programs and that they will have a higher probability of experiencing educational success.



  • The school believes that a clear admissions procedure is vital to ensuring that applicants are fully aware of the high standards expected of all students enrolled at school.

  • The school believes that a positive  and efficient admissions experience for all applicants will support the high standards expected in the classroom.

  • The school believes that appropriate assessment of candidates is critical to ensuring proper placement of students, further enhancing their opportunity to experience educational success





  • All enrollment enquiries will be directed to the Admissions Officer/s (AO) in the first instance for information regarding the enrollment process. It is the exclusive responsibility of the AO to provide enrolment packs, to register new enquiries, or confirm places, following the completion of the admissions procedures.

  • The AO will maintain an up-to-date electronic register of student numbers in each grade.

  • Only the Principal or the Principal’s designate may authorize acceptance of a student, all offers of placement remain temporary until the principal has signed off on the official enrollment form.

  • The School will maintain a clear schedule of current fees.

  • Students will complete academic assessments prior to admission as per the admissions regulations.

  • The school  will endeavor to maintain maximum class size limits as per school policies.

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